Information about the "Promised Laughter" website

First of all, Promised Laughter is a website that is mostly made of videos. All of these videos are appropriate for everyone and yet hilarious. With some that are questionable, there is a warning and a description of what is in the video(s). But at points, not all of the videos or sections are funny........................ you might find some videos to be amazing, but others to be breathtaking, and sad. An example is the racing section under sports. In this section, there are crashes that are very enertaining to watch, but many people get hurt and that is something that you should never laugh at. Still there are way more funny videos without people getting hurt so don't think that sadness is the main part of this website. Other funny things other than videos you will find are comics. There are only two different types of comics in the comic section now, but if it becomes more popular then i might add more. The two comics are, Pearls Before Swine and Garfield and they both have two large pages of hilarious comics. This website is also filled with lots of blogs and polls. They both are very simple. In the polls you will find opinion related questions, and all you have to do is click you answer and vote now. It requires no information about you. When you vote you might find that it takes you to a different page, all you have to do is click the back arrow at the top left corner of your browser. In the blogs, you can comment about something or give me any ideas. To post a comment you need to click the underlined blue where it says "x amount of comments" and then scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will be able to leave a comment. When typing in a comment, question, etc you only need to fill out your name ( doesn't need to be your real name) but don't need to fill out email adress or website. After that just click submit, and your post will be submitted ( remember all post need to be appropriate). One more blog area that might be of interest above the others would be the Chat Place where you can leave comments and talk to other people. It is a blog so you would leave a post the same way you would anywhere else. This gives you a chance to talk to the other people and leave post to them instead of always asking questions to me. Remember though, that all post have to be appropriate to because if not you will get one warning and then i will have to take down the blog ( which would make me sad). Finally the last basic thing other than videos is MLIA stories (my life is average). These come from and since some are innapropriate, i have picked out the really funny ones that are still appropriate. They are really short stories that are humurous and sometimes really ironic. Counters tell you how many veiws there are on the website if you were wondering. So i hope you have fun exploring through the 81 of pages on this website.   


Now, I am working on feedback areas on the 16 sections of this website. The feedback areas will ask you how you rate the section on a scale of 1-10 and ask you why and what would make it better. The feedback on the section includes that page, and the rest of its subpage. An example would be the sports section, you would rate it on all of the pages that it contains, like basketball, golf, hockey...etc. No email or anything like that is required so feel free to tell me what you think, thanks.