Week of November 29th

There has been a new poll added, asking you, the veiwers if you think that i should put mythbusters on, and we are 1/3 of the way to 300 veiws. Good Job!!! Make sure you keep voting on the other polls.

Week of November 22nd

Now i will have the update section which will also be under the homepage, showing you when and how many times i have updated it. Also we now have polls which is also under the home page, the polls do not cost money or anything like that. Just click what you want to vote on and no harm will be done : ). And  i have added a counter so you can see how many veiwers we now have. Yes there is more, i have added the MLIA (my life is average) stories section. They are just little quick stories that are really funny, click here to check them out. We have new videos from AFV (Americas Funniest Home Videos) on Animals, so go check them out by clicking here to go to the Animal Section

By the end of the year we need to atleast have 300 views

Week of November 16th

I believe that we now have a total of 106 hilarious videos and 83 hilarious pictures!!!!!!!!!!!, but i might be wrong, the first person to tally up the exact number of videos and pictures will have there name added to the soon coming hall of fame( you may tell me under the comments and suggestions page, or just click here)
now we have the other sports section with other funny sports clips
also we have a couple new funny in the soccer section
go ahead and check them out
click here to go to see some new soccer clips
click here to go to see some other sports videos.

Week of November 9th

I have a couple new sections for yal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
first the redneck section in other videos,
second we have the basketball section in sports,
the basketball section includes some of the greatest clips of michael jordan and some pretty amazing clips from the nba, college basketball and some talented kids

We also have new pages under Other Funny Videos
We Have Cool animations ( Click Here to see), and Cool Vehicles (Click Here to see)

Go ahead and click on the following links to get started:

Michael Jordan

rednecks      : )

other cool basketball videos


November 8th

not much new, there are a couple new comics and 1 new funny song.
but enjoy anyway

November 4th

Today there are about 20 new comics in, of course, the comic section. Also there are more blogs for you in each section, like the contest page has its own contest blog, each sport page has its own blog, and the animal page and funny songs, and the comics too. This helps you tell me or give me ideas for each section. Hope yall enjoy

Go ahead and Click Hereto see the new Comics

November 3rd

Today i have added the comic section for you. I have posted Garfield and Pearls Before Swine. I need help finding more comics so give me suggestions on the following link to the blog.

Click Here to Go to Comic Blog

Also i have added jib jab videos which are funny politicial videos that are animated with a funny song. Dont worry its fair to both democrats and republicans

Click Here  to go to Jib Jab Videos

November 2nd

Hey everyone, i am announcing that today we are having project 001 start. Project 001 is going to get this site going.

Here is your mission-
tell 3 people about this website and make them get on.
Then they have to tell and make 3 more people get on,
and those three people will tell 3 more people to get on.

it works like this
1x3 one person tells three people
3x3 those three people tell three other
9x3 each of the nine tell three other
27x3 each 27 tell three other people
91x3 each 91 tell three other people
273x3 each 273 tell three other people
819x3 each 819 tell three other people
and it keeps on going :)

so if you got your list of people up to 273, go to the blog section and right your number down. 


So go ahead and start!!!!
when you do go to the new blog and type in your name and how many people have you told
of course, the winner will get his/her own special page in the hall of fame with his/her name printed big for everyone to look at and admire!!! :) :) :) :)

November 1st:

the world of humor is now sponsoring www.ankarinc.weebly.com and they are sponsoring us. This will help both websites.

dont wait any longer, go ahead and click the website underlined in red, and visit Ankar Incorporated.

This is your 8th question: is there a city in the US called "penny" tell me the state